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Divorce can be the most difficult time in a person’s life. A Family Law Attorney can offer professional advice and representation to clients in every area of family law.

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Legal matters that concern your family can be extremely difficult for clients to navigate due to the emotions involved. These matters can also involve complex technical issues that require an experienced family law attorney to assist you in seeking the best possible outcome.

Types of Family Law Cases

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Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is certainly a difficult time. Often, legal issues may exist that may not be realized by either party. A professional family law attorney identifies discrepancies and remedies any legal issues.

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The adoption process can present complex legal issues that require an attorney experienced in handling a variety of intrafamily adoptions.

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Modification & Enforcement

Life changes every day, and the terms of your divorce may change with your life. Our family lawyers are experienced with restraining orders and divorce as well as custody and support modification.

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Community Property Partitions

The division of the assets and debts acquired during marriage can be one of the most complex areas of any legal practice. It is imperative to consult a family law attorney experienced in this area, as the laws are often amended in a manner that can have an impact on your case.

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Child Custody & Support

Children are often the most effected individuals during a divorce, and obtaining financial support from your spouse can be crucial. Our attorneys have years of experience representing clients in cases involving child custody, child support and spousal support.
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General Family Cases

If your legal issue or problem is not covered by one of the listed topics, it is likely that we are still able to provide assistance. Due to the complex nature and variety of family law issues, we cannot list each area specifically.

Family Law Attorney & Divorce Lawyer in Acadiana.

Our firm has been entrusted with representing the interests of family law clients in excess of 80 years. When you have legal issues that concern your family, put your troubles in the hands of an experienced, compassionate law firm. Each family law attorney on our team has the knowledge to take on your case and gather the necessary information in order to seek the best possible outcome.

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When searching for personal injury or family law attorney in Louisiana, look no further. At the law firm of Miller, Mitchell & Luquette, our team of attorneys are experienced in a multitude of legal cases. When you hire the law firm of Miller, Mitchell & Luquette, you do not just get one attorney, you get the whole team. A licensed and professional attorney in Louisiana will be able to defend your case with integrity, knowledge and professionalism.

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