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When you are injured, you need to focus on your health and recovery. Let our team of experienced personal injury attorneys focus on fighting to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Types Personal Injury Cases

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Automobile Accidents

An all too common experience for many, auto accidents can be both frightening and traumatic. Let our experienced attorneys take the worry out of negotiating with greedy insurance companies.

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Premises liability

If you are hurt or injured due to the dangerous condition of a building or location, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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18-wheeler wrecks

With an office located minutes south of Interstate-10, our attorneys are familiar with the dangers associated of traveling alongside 18-wheelers on the roadway. If you received serious injures due to the fault of an 18-wheeler operator, you need a serious, experienced personal injury law attorney to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Medical Malpractice

Louisiana medical malpractice laws were written by doctors and their insurance carriers for doctors and their insurance carriers. Often times, injuries caused by medical neglect of a doctor only cause further pain and suffering to your existing injury. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with a medical malpractice attorney.

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Slip and fall

A storeowner or merchant owes a duty to those persons who use his premises to exercise reasonable care to keep his aisles, passageways, and floors in a reasonably safe condition. If you slip and fall due to a dangerous condition, call our team of experienced slip and fall lawyers.

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Maritime / Offshore

Our personal injury law attorneys handle a wide range of personal injury accident cases, including those that occur offshore. Our lawyers have worked in the oilfield and are familiar with the difficulties faced by our oilfield clients. Our firm has over 80 years of experience handling these types of complex offshore injury cases.

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General Injury Cases

We also handle cases involving dog bites, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents as well as a multitude of other types of injury cases. Each case is unique. If you are injured and do not see your specific type of case listed, give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

Choose a Personal Injury Law Attorney with over 80 years of Combined Litigation Experience

Our goal as  personal injury attorneys is to resolve our clients’ cases as efficiently as possible while obtaining the best possible outcome. Although settlements are common, sometimes, insurance companies simply refuse to provide just compensation and are unwilling to fairly negotiate. With our combined 80+ years of litigation experience, our firm is prepared to take your case your trial in order to make those insurance companies compensate you appropriately for your injuries. We will not allow you to be bullied or intimidated into accepting an unfair settlement, and we are prepared to help you pick up the pieces after suffering an injury.

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When searching for personal injury or family law attorney in Louisiana, look no further. At the law firm of Miller, Mitchell & Luquette, our team of attorneys are experienced in a multitude of legal cases. When you hire the law firm of Miller, Mitchell & Luquette, you do not just get one attorney, you get the whole team. A licensed and professional attorney in Louisiana will be able to defend your case with integrity, knowledge and professionalism.

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